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Closed N.A.S.S. Polls   (closed 8/2003)

Well, has Paul's efforts been worth it?

What's the hardest part of your vehicle you've tried to fix yourself?

Has our webmaster 'lost it' with the 'Mable' Animation?

What screen resolution do you normally use?

What fuel economy are you averaging (city & highway) on your Spitfire (U.S. mpg)?

What's you're belief... is a good location for S.T. 2003?

Should we have an Eastern & Western Spit-Together in 2003?

Vote on which color is most common by chosing your car color below

Why a Spitfire, and not a TR?

How many Spitfires do you own?

What British Car would/do you own besides a Spitfire?

How far would you drive your Spit?

are you for purist, or modifications?

What Carbs on your Spitfire or GT6?

What Carbs on your Spitfire or GT6?

Do you prefer the stock (flat) or aftermarket (tubular) styled luggage rack?

What type of bumpers do you prefer?

How many days per month do you drive your Spitfire?

Newsletter delivery options: Would you consider other methods to receive your quarterly newsletter.

Would you be interested in buying a NASS Member Photo Calendar, $16 for one, $30 for two?

What is your second favorite Triumph (excluding GT6/Spit)?

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