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A Note about the NASS-Club Message Board List Etiquette 
on the Member’s Only NASS-Club
Message Board

from our President, Howard Baugues- 2012-2013

The rules for participating in the NASS-Club message board are listed on that site in the FILES section. Echoing what was stated by our first club president, Joe Guinan, we ask:

* Identify Yourself. Tell us who you are, where you live, and what car(s) you own. If you get to be a regular poster on the list, you can probably forego the extra information most of the time. We want NASS members to get to know the others in their area, and have some get-togethers from time to time, so it's nice if you share some information. Complete your "Member Profile" darn it!)

* Be Nice. (Especially to new members.) If you can't say something in a nice way, then don't say it. If you just HAVE to say it, take it "off list" so no one gets "flamed" (insulted) in public. It IS possible to disagree without being disagreeable, as almost everyone on the list has shown over the last year. Be careful about how you SAY things, and how you READ things. Remember that email is notorious for its lack of clarity. You can't always "hear" the smile as something was being typed in.

* Place photos and other such files on the web site in the "Files" section and send the group a separate message if you have something you think people want to see. Some people on the list have slow Internet connections, so large files are a drag. (And yes, we DO want to see your car and projects!)

* Go ahead and let us know if you have something of a "Private, Non-Commercial, Occasional" sort to sell that would fit the interests of the group. That way, we all get first crack at it! But remember that this is not the primary use of the mail list. If you have a business, or are representing one, buy your advertising somewhere, or write directly to the officers with a proposal. THOU SHALT NOT SPAM THE MEMBERS OF NASS!

* Participate if you can! Feel free to "Lurk" (read the messages, but don't post your own or make responses) if you want, but...we'd like to hear what you think too.

* Promote NASS to any owners or interested persons you meet. The more the merrier, right?

* If you have problems dealing with any other member, please bring it to the officers attention off list so the matter can be resolved in a reasonable and timely fashion.

Feel free to suggest additions, subtractions or modifications to the above suggestions if you have any better ideas.

President: Howard Baugues
North American Spitfire Squadron Club member #1
727 So 7th Street
West Terre Haute, Indiana 47885
Email: bauguesh @

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