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 Monterey, CA. October ,24-26 2003
        West Coast Spit-Together     Class winners Photos

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Category A: Early Spits 62- 70
1st Place: Leann Williams 1967 MkIII          2nd Place:  Scott Irwin 1956 MKII
Category B: Late Spits 71- 80
1st Place: Nigel Cosh 1971 MkIV SpitSix    2nd Place:   5 year old Andrew Bristow 77 Spit 1500
Category C: GT6 (All)
1st Place: James Jennings 1972 GT6 MKIII
Category D: Spit / GT6 Daily Driver
1st Place: Mitch Johnson 1965 MKII                  2nd Place:   Patrick Lumley 1964 MK1
Category E: Spit / GT6 Diamond in the Rough
1st Place: Mike Johnson  1973 Spitfire MKIV   2nd Place:   Mike Bristow   1977 Spitfire 1500
Category F: Other British Cars
1st Place: Angie Lumley    1964 MG Midget
 Officers Choice:    Leann Williams    1967 MKIII
Furthest Traveled  awarded to the entire Johnson family, Mitch, Diane,
Mike & Greg. They traveled 925 miles one way
Diamond in the Rough  is an award sponsored by Nigel Cosh of Spitbits. We had a split decision for the award this year. Nigel gratiously offered to up his sponsership from a single $150 award certificate to two $100 certificates. These certificates were awarded to Mike J and Mike B
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