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    2004 Spit-Together at Indy
        Award Winners photos by Howard Baugues


Dave Pendagrast 1967 MKII Spitfire
1st Place Class A - Early Spitfires

Mike Sperrazza  1964 MKI Spitfire
2ND Place Class A - Early Spitfires

Pete McKay    Mercedes
1ST Place Other British  ??

Mike Paserchia  1979 1500 Spitfire
1ST Place Class B - Late Spitfires

Art Fournier  1976 1500 Spitfire
2ND Place Class B - Late Spitfiress

Otto (And Toto) Kemp 1972 MKIII GT6
Officiers Choice  (so THERE'S the lost plaques!)

Mike Ross   1970 GT6+
1st Place  Class C - All GT6's

Paul Tegler 1973 MKIII GT6
2ND Place Class C - All GT6's

Kate Hurney  1976 Spitfire
Diamond in the Rough included $100
certificate from spitbits! (Thanks Nigel!)

Terry Kahl  1970 MKIII Spitfire
1ST Place Class D - Daily Driver

Terry Thomspon 1976 1500 Spitfire
2ND Place Class D - daily Driver

Dave Stutz 1978 Ford 2.3L Powered Spitfire
1ST Place Farthest Traveled
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