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    2005 Spit-Together Carlisle PA
        Award Winners photos by Paul Tegler

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tn_est20051stplacetrophy.jpg (10528 bytes)
1st Place Trophy - 8"x10" silver framed
5"'x5" logo, + club logo  + script plate mounted
on a blue velvet background  under glass
tn_est20052ndplacetrophy.jpg (7913 bytes)
2nd Place Trophy - 5"x7" silver framed
3"'x3" logo, + script plate mounted on
a blue velvet background  under glass
tn_est20053rdplacetrophy.jpg (4954 bytes)
3rd Place Trophy - 5"'x5" silver framed
2"x3" club logo  + script plate mounted
on a blue velvet background under glass
Terry Kahl - 1969 MKIII Spitfire

1st Place - Daily Driver as well as
1st Place - Early Spitfire
Jim Holmgren - 1975 Spitfire 1500

2nd Place - Daily Driver
Jesse and Cherry Allen - (missing in action)

Other British
1stlatespitmpaserchia.jpg Mike Paserchia - 1979 Spitfire 1500
1st Place - Late Spitfire as well as
Best of show voted on by NON-participants
Art Fournier - 1976 Spitfire 1500
2nd Place- Late Spitfire
3rdlatespitpguitner.jpg Paul Geithner - 1978 Spitfire 1500
3rd Place - Late Spitfire
Paul Tegler - 1973 GT6 MKIII

1st Place - All GT6
???? - 1968 GT6
2nd Place - All GT6
Adam Kisthardt (and family) - 1978 Spitfire 1500
Officers Choice

Tony Cafaro -  Furthest Traveled
no photo- no car :-(

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