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    Friday May 18, 2007

    The Festivities Start Friday when Nassers start hitting the show field. NASS members will be scoping out  the vendors asap for the hot deals and fresh pickings.  A Friday evening meal is planned, hopefully where all the member that made it, can chat and stuff their faces while fine dining.

    As well as the NASS activities, check out the schedule of events that Carlisle itself hosts. The SCCA will as usual be doing it's driving thing (Fri? Sat?), as well as the mobile dyno on premise for you to 'road dyno' your car!   See the Carlisle site for full details.

Friday night Dinner
   So far, the consensus seems to be a return to the Sunnyside restaurant. Many attendees from years past all commented on the quality of the food and service, prompting the return visit..  Alternately, the group can decide on burgers and beer at one of the local Sports Bars. It's up to you the attendees.

     Saturday May 19, 2007

The Show field opens at 7am
    Saturday, is the big 'fun Field'  If it's sunny weather, one can easily expect anywhere from 1200 - 2000 cars on the field(s)  And don't forget the 200-500 vendor and Car Corral spaces, Kit Car displays/sales and the FOOD!.  Even if you're not in a position to 'show' your car, it's a great place to buy or sell one. Even if it's only for the day, drive drag or tow your car to Carlisle. Let the world know we're still on the road! 

Tech Sessions
    Hopefully we'll be able to pull off a couple more tech sessions as in years past. We're still in the planning stages... so kick in and help pick a topic!

Fun Field and car 'Show in a Show'   judging from 10am-1:30pm  
   NASS will be holding it's own ';show-in-a-show' as in previous years. You don't have to join in the S-I-A-S to join us on the show field. (But you do need to register your car for the Fun Field with the fairgrounds to park on the show field) Awards for a variety classes and 'special 'categories' will be awarded to participants of the NASS S-I-A-S 

  Road Rally   3pm-4pm
   We will again be sponsoring a small fun road rally through the nearby countryside and parts of the historic district of downtown Carlisle.  One of two type of rallies may be run. Either a repeat of a  route from a previous year, with just a few 'changes', or an in town/area treasure hunt. Perhaps a Poker Rally. One possible country route will take us up to a major precipice over looking the Carlisle valley. There are some really great smooth windy roads in the area we hope to make good use of.  Awards for the rally will be based on participation, and a group decision on the type of rally desired.

  Chinese Auction 9am-2:30pm
      First off, I'd like to thank all those that have contributed items to the Chinese Auction in past years. We'll be holding once again during this years event. The quality of the auction is all based on your contributions  What's a Chinese Auction? Well it's a bit like a silent auction. You buy a series of tickets, deposit the values worth of ticket in the box respective of the item you'd like, and at the end of the day, you find out if you won the item you wanted.  What happens to the money collected? A bit goes to help cover the event costs, while most goes to prize monies for the road rally, and the attendees door prize drawings. Items not won, 'may' simply be awarded as door prizes by drawing names from a hat. So be generous. You never know what YOU might win!

    The following is a list of some of the more interesting items donated to the Chinese Auction, along with the names of their sponsors/contributors.  Please help add to the list for this year's event!

(...following is a list of items won at auction or given away as door prizes).

* One pair of heavy duty bonnet mud flaps donated by Ken Moorhead
* Custom trunnion oiler donated by Ken Moorhead
* Two copies of Kas Kastner's 2nd book, Historical & Technical Guide 
          for Triumph Cars  donated by Gail and Paul Tegler 
* One dual oil press/water temp gauge  donated by Jim Holmgren 
* One copy of Jon Wolfe's  A Guide to Racing Your Triumph Spitfire or GT6
        donated by Paul Tegler
* Battery jumper reserve power starter box courtesy of Mike Paserchia
* One voucher for your choice of a sized set of Triumph logo wheel roundels
        donated by Joe Curry
* One years subscription to Spitfire and GT6 Magazine donated by Howard Baugues
* A pile of Spitfire & GT6 Magazine t-shirts, courtesy of John Geothart
* Subscriptions to Grass Roots Motorsports magazine courtesy the publishers of GRM
* Cirrus Satellite Radio, courtesy of Mike Paserchia
Key chains, car cleaning kits, flashlights, tool kits, chamois,  CASH, and too many other items to be remembered right now.  (sorry if I've missed anyone's donations from years past)

    Many items have no starting minimum bid. So you can pick up these items at super low prices compared to normal sales or EBay type pricing.  You don't have to be an attendee of The Show in a Show, to bid on these items.  So if you make it to Carlisle, stop on by the tent and bid!

Saturday night Meal  >4pm to ?
    The Skovira's have graciously agreed to again host the Saturday nigh festivities at their beautiful home just minutes from the Carlisle Fairgrounds. The plan is to have the Road Rally end at the Skovira's. Those not up to cruising the countryside, can head straight over to Ron's to help setup food and libations.  

Sunday May 20, 2007

      Sunday is the day Carlisle gives away it's awards. Awards to the largest club in attendance and etc are awarded. It's also the drawing for the car they give away every year as a door prize. But you must be in attendance at 3pm to win if your number is drawn. In years past, anyone leaving before the drawing has been asked to turn over their tickets (after recording the numbers) to anyone sticking around. If the car is won by one of those tickets, the agreement is the car will be raffled off amongst current years attendees, or simply become a prize for next years Carlisle event for some lucky Nasser to win. The proceeds of the raffle will be donated to a charity in NASS the club's name. Anyone that has registered their car for the fun field, automatically gets a ticket for the giveaway in their attendees packet. But you must be a S-I-A-S participant to win from any of the NASS attendee's ticket if it wins.   ++++This years car giveaway has not been announced yet. Last year it was a 1976 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1800 ++++


Show within a Show  Classes
-  Multiple trophies and/or prize awarded in each class.       
           Pre-registration includes dash plaque and T-shirt ..and more
The number of awards is based on the number of entrants in each class.


Class A Early Spitfire 62-70  'Roundtails'
Class B Late Spitfire 71-80   'Squaretails'
Class C All GT6 66-73
Class D Spit/GT6 Daily Driver  (no historic/antique tags)
Class E Best 'Other' British
Class F Road Rally - (usually cash prize- value based on Chinese auction)
Officers Choice   depends on attendance - may or may not be awarded.
Best of Show NON entrant judging by the populous at large browsing the show 
 A few special awards for 'parts' of cars will be awarded..
    (.....to announced during the show )
possible categories such as: best & worst dash, best & worst paint, cleanest & dirtiest engine, I can't believe you made it here in that!, best exhaust note and others are planned.

   A Personal note from one of this years co-chairs...

      Hello all!  I know I disappointed a bunch of people last year when FIS6 didn't make it to the show. well even if I have to tow it up there, it'll be on the show field this year. I'm willing to do a tech session on F.I systems (and possibly moving GT6 engine back in Spit frames) if the attendees desire so. Hey Ron... are you going to have your fuel injection up and running on your Spitfire by Carlisle??  If nothing else...we'll be able to see it at your house Sat. night right?  :-)

-- Creator/Founder NASS list 1998 -- 
Paul Tegler                                  
ptegler @ cablespeed.com                



...... updates coming as details expanded....

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