Cincinnati, Ohio  July 11-13,2008
              Central Spit-Together     
                              Registration Form


British Car Day - British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati - bccgc.com

British Car Day registration must be submitted separately. www.bccgc.com



City_____________________   State______________

Phone __________________ Cell_________________


Host Hotel: Fairfield Inn and Suites
4521 Eastgate Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
www.fairfieldinn.com $75.00 per night
Phone: 513-947-9402
Ask for North American Spitfire Squadron rate 
by June 7th, 2008

Registrations received by June 7th will receive 1 Dash Plaque & 1 Event T-Shirt per car and 1 Hat Pin.Size for T-Shirt: S___M___L___XL___XXL___
Car # 1: Year________ Make___________ Model______________ Class______ $25.00
Car # 2: Year________ Make___________ Model______________ Class______ $10.00
                                                                                Total for Registration 
      Friday Tour of Cincinnati Museum:          How Many____ 
      Dinner will be Cincinnati style Chile 
      Saturday Dinner at Slicker's:              How Many ___@ $12.00ea 
                                                             Kids 12 and Under______ 
      Saturday Lunch in Augusta KY 
      Sunday Lunch provided at Car Show        How Many___ 
      Additional Event T-Shirt(s) How Many___@ $10.00  
      Size: S___M___L___XL___XXL___ 
                                                                                                          Total Due: 
$ _Menu__
CLASSES for NASS "Show Within a Show":
A: Round Tail 1962-1970, MKI, MKII, MKIII                        D: All GT-6s                   G: Other British or European Cars
B: Early Square Tail 1971-1977, MKIV, & Early 1500            E: Daily Driver
C: Late Square Tail 1978 & Later 1500                                     F: Diamond In the Rough

Make Checks payable to NASS and Mail to:  NASS CST 2008 c/o Ted Bush-23 High St, Highland Heights, KY 41076 
              Contacts; Ted Bush 859-781-2691 or cell 513-266-8824 ; e-mail: jb4249@zoomtown.com 
Don Slicker 513-604-0372; email: dlslick1210@yahoo.com

Panoramic Photo 12 x 36 in tube will shipped to your door for $40.00 
This picture can be ordered during of after the show weekend, after it is taken

Whereas owner(s) voluntarily enters his/her vehicle in the 2008 British Car Day, Central Region Spit Together, it is agreed as follows(1)owner(s)will insure vehicle against loss, damage, and liability and will provide(if requested)proof of such insurance being in full force and effect to the 2008 British Car Day staff, NASS CST Committee. (2)Owner(s)does hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 2008 British Car Day, NASS CST Committee, agents, or assigns for any act or omissions, which may result in the act, damage, or destruction or injury occurring during or as a consequence of this event, wherever located. (3) The owner(s) in attending this event does so voluntarily and agrees and assumes the risk of any and all damage to his/her vehicle or injury to him/her self


Date: _________________________________


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